I’m sitting on my patio at my new house overlooking Lake Atitlan in San Marcos La Laguna.  Yesterday morning I left my home at ACAM in the mountains of Quetzaltenango, where I’ve lived and worked for the last thirteen months. Over this past year I’ve visited San Marcos lots of times, always just staying a […]

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Lupe’s Story

The last couple weeks have created a happy exhaustion in me.  This morning I slept in until 7:30, which compared to my usual 5-6am wake up time felt luxurious.  I needed the rest. So much has happened in the last few weeks that I’m not sure where to start. On the night of April 16th, […]

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Elsa’s Story

Imagine you are nine months pregnant and today is your due date.    You are only 19 years old and having your second baby.  You suffered from violence at the hand of your husband before and during the pregnancy.   Thankfully, with your own strength and the support of your parents, you managed to leave his home […]

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Ana’s Story

I want to tell Ana’s story for several reasons.  First, because I’ve been deeply impacted by her coming into my life.  Second, her story poignantly brings to life the reality of healthcare disparity in the developing world.  And third, I want to give whatever voice I can to someone who has been rendered voiceless by […]

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I’m sitting on the edge of Lake Atitlan looking out over the sparkling water.  San Pedro volcano stands proudly before me.  The energy of the volcano feels alive and this lake is magic.  I come here when I need to slow down.  It’s only a few hours from Concepción, where I live.  This week my […]

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